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Transformational Coaching

More than anything in life people want to two things: They want to Feel Good & Be Effective​.


Feeling good and being effective are the primary indicators of success. When you feel good you make better decisions for your health, your relationships even within your finances. These decisions have a direct impact on your level of effectiveness at home or in the workplace.

Personal life coaching has been proven to have significant impacts on success because it helps people to become more adaptable to change, communicate more effectively, identify clarity of their purpose and establish a stronger sense of self-worth.


Rise Coaching differs from other agencies because our team of certified coaches are also Nuero Linguistic Programming Practitioners. NLP Practitioners use a method of personal development through promoting skills, such as self-reflection, confidence, and communication. Practitioners have applied NLP commercially to achieve work-orientated goals, such as improved productivity or job progression.

Rise Coaching helps our clients to achieve success using our four-step 

 RI.S.E. Framework for transformational change.


Getting our clients to the goal every time.

Client 6


Shift Paradigm

Realization is the act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact, to understand clearly and distinctly. The first step in the process of change is acknowledging that a particular set of beliefs or behaviors are hindering growth within your personal and/or professional life.

Client 4


Shift Path

Once you have experienced a shift within your paradigm's and shifted your perspective, you will be inspired and motivated to make better decisions. Setting you intentions will help you to align your ideas, attention and actions with your desired outcomes.

Client 1


Shift Process

Setting and maintaining aligned intentions will be supported by creating a process and a standard that you will use to measure your success. Strategy provides you with more than just a clear path to the vision but also a plan that will support you in seeing it through.

Client 7


Shift Progress

Coaching is designed to help you to determine your current vs. preferred reality and guide you through a process that supports you in taking action in the direction of your goals. The success of our program is measured by our clients successfully formulating habits that breed long-term positive results.

Since investing in this coaching membership I've been charged up to change my environment and really take better advantage of the time I have to make a significant changes within my life. Since joining Activate Your Greatness, I have become more organized, more intentional and I have had even more growth and success within my business.


-Daisha Makk



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