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Helping active and aspiring life coaches to truly master the skillful art of facilitating growth within others while growing their businesses or advancing within their leadership roles. 

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Receive hands-on step-by-step training that will enhance your coaching experiences and grow your impact exponentially. 



  • Do you have a passion for helping people?


  • Are you someone who advocates for growth in others?


  • Are you always the “go-to” for guidance and now you’re ready to turn your gifts into a profitable business?


  • Are you gifted at inspiring and motivating others to get up and take action?


  • Already coaching and you’re ready to take your business and impact to the next level?


  • Already coaching and you want to sharpen your skill set of masterfully facilitating growth?

Life Coach University is a fundamental skills, techniques, and business sales training for aspiring coaches and coaches that desire to sharpen their skill-set in order to increase their impact.

  • Educate you on the history and fundamentals of coaching 

  • Train you on techniques that will enhance your coaching experiences

  • Help you to discover and narrow your niche

  • Provide you with the tools, knowledge, and strategy to grow as a coach

  • Provide you with ongoing mentorship 

  • Help you to skillfully coach your clients beyond their perceived limitations

  • Confidently pitch yourself for potential clients and speaking opportunities

meet your



  • 16 Live Weekly Training Sessions

  • Personal Coaching that will facilitate your growth as a coach and leader

  • Ongoing mentorship

  • Online portal with 16 training modules

  • Homework including 10 recorded practice hours

  • Art of Powerful Storytelling Session

  • NLP Training Session

  • Embodying Your Brand Session

  • 24/7 Access to a supportive coaching community

Life Coach University offers a step-by-step process
 that will help you transform lives in a major way.
  • Showing up boldly and authentically 

  • Living out your passion for helping people

  • Cultivating your God-given gift 

  • Creating a fulfilling life for yourself

  • Helping others to do the same

  • Walking in your divine calling and purpose

  • Enhancing your leadership ability

  • Scaling your very own coaching business




Life Coach University is a life-changing experience that truly allowed me to reach my optimal self. If I could do it all over again, without a doubt, I would! Coach Lanasia forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and grasp the idea of finding my inner coach. She did a sensational job empowering me to bridge the gap from where I was a student to where I needed to be as a successful coach! Not only a coach - but as a man. 



Working with Lanasia over the past two years has been life-changing. Her passion, consistency, grit, and overall knowledge for coaching has really helped me propel forward and become the successful coach that I am today. I always thought that my age would serve as a barrier for me in this business but with Lanasia's guidance and truly mastering the technique, at age 27, I'm confidently coaching women in their 30's and 40's.




  • How do I know that this program is right for me?
    If you have a passion for helping people, leading people and are committed to truly learning the empowering art of coaching then this program is for you.
  • What makes Life coach University different from other programs?
    Unlike many online programs, our focus is technique first and selling second. The better you are at understanding how to masterfully coach others beyond their perceived limitations, the easier it becomes for your business to grow organically. Although an effective source for growth, we don’t rely solely on impact referrals. This is why branding yourself and selling your services is included in the Life Coach University training as well.
  • Do I have to get certified to become a coach?
    Because Life Coaching is still a non-regulated industry, you have the right to refer to yourself as a coach without formal training. Life Coach University will help to enlighten you on the billion dollar coaching industry and most importantly, help you to cultivate your natural gift by developing the skill set of masterful communication. Your greatest asset as a life coach will be your unorthodox way to listen, respond and facilitate growth like no other. The skills that you’ll acquire in this training will set you miles apart from other coaches because of your unique gift paired with proper and intensive training.
  • I'm already certified. Why do I need this?
    Lanasia, our lead trainer has retrained many certified coaches. As you grow as a coach, you will soon realize that there is always more to learn, more to create and more to become. Life Coach University helps you to enhance your already impactful coaching experiences using the ICF standard of coaching to facilitate real growth in others.
  • The Coaching industry is overcrowded. Will I be able to stand out amongst my peers?
    God has given you a unique gift to transform lives through coaching. One of the most beautiful things about the skill set that you’ll obtain with LCU is that you can apply it to become successful not only in the life coaching arena but in any industry. Relationships are the center of our lives; whether personal, in your career or in growing your coaching business, the techniques that you’ll learn through this training will enhance your life experience because it will significantly alter the way that you navigate challenges and communicate to help others do the same. “My favorite thing about Life Coach University is that it’s more than just training for the coaches. It’s a transformative experience that helps each student to see a become new version of themselves in the process.” -Lanasia Angelina
  • Is Life Coach University accredited?
    No. Life Coach University is not an accredited program through ICF (International Coaching Federation). Life Coach University is recognized as a business in the state of Michigan. We do adhere to the standards of ICF to skillfully coach our students throughout their process of becoming purposeful and profitable coaches. Our program is designed to certify you in the industry of coaching, help you gain credibility as a coach, enhance your leadership abilities and develop a foundation for you to grow your business as a coach.
  • Do I have to pay in full to get started?
    Your initial investment is required during enrollment. There are also financing options available to get you started and prepared for the fall cohort.
  • Are all classes online?
    Great News! This course is completely online and all past recordings from missed sessions can be accessed in our exclusive online portal. You will also be assigned a course mentor throughout your process that will help you to facilitate your growth and provide an experience that ensures you feel supported every step of the way.
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